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Hart Petroleum Consulting

Upstream Oil and Gas Advisory & Consulting

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Development Project planning & screening

Is your company considering investments in new developments...? We can help you identify the project with the highest value, and develop choices on how to proceed, basd on your company's value drivers.

  • Appraisal & Development strategies

  • Project Framing

  • Integrated Technical Work

  • Front End Project Delivery

  • Technical Assurance and coaching


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Fit at $50 / barrel

What is your company doing to adapt to the low price environment...?

We can analyse & rank a portfolio of oppportunities to sustain and grow your business, and provide guidance on how to prioritise.

  • Portfolio analysis

  • Opportunity ranking with key value metrics

  • Steps to becoming a Top Quartile producer

Business Development

Is your company pursuing new business opportunities...? We can help you develop strategies for Risking & Ranking, Bidding and setting up Strategic and Joint Ventures.

  • Opportunity screening

  • Bidding & Partnering Strategies

  • New country entry