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Hart Petroleum Consulting

Upstream Oil and Gas Advisory & Consulting

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Director's Profile

Stephen Hart:

  • Internationally-oriented, with 25 years of global experience in Project, Technical & Company leadership roles across Exploration, Development & Production

  • Prior roles in Subsurface Technical, Business Development & Commercial, Business Planning, Economics and Operations

  • Key strength in Front end development delivery - as projects move through appraisal to concept select

  • Key strength in value creation - defining and maturing opportunities for production replenishment and growth

  • Proven track record in taking ownership of underperforming projects & bringing these to a successful conclusion

  • Proven ability to lead complex projects to a successful outcome, co-ordinating subsurface and surface engineers working in diverse multi-location development teams

Key Project Experience:

  • Russia West Siberia Yuzhno-Russkoye

  • Abu Dhabi giant onshore fields Bu Hasa, Bab, Sahil, Asab, Shah, NEB

  • Nigeria offshore deep water Bolia, Doro, Bonga

  • UK Central & Southern North Sea fields Huntington, Madoes, Babbage, Tolmount

  • Norway fields Skarv & Njord

  • Brazil onshore Parnaiba Basin Gavião Real

  • Iraq Akkas, Majnoon

  • Egypt Western Desert onshore fields Obayeid, Bed, NEAG & Nile Delta exploration

  • Malaysia Sabah offshore fields Kamunsu & Kebabangan, K5, deep water exploration

  • Indonesia West Jambi, Natuna

  • Myanmar Apyauk